Stop The Madness With Next-Level Google Ads For Your E-Commerce Business

Struggle To Make Consistent, Profitable Sales?

Then this training is exactly for you...

Did your customer acquisition become totally unreliable? Are you "hoping" that you will make more sales today than you made yesterday?

Every E-Com business owner knows the issue: making sales doesn't mean keeping sales volume up. Even worse: struggling with your first sale!


This training program aims directly at this huge issue: it shows E-Com entrepreneurs like you how to find quality products, become a Google Ads ninja to advertise them properly, and then sell those items in a quality online store.

So, What is This All About?

Why this training can solve your problems...

I created this program in late 2017, at a point where I just got way too many inquiries from E-Commerce store owners asking me to manage their campaigns.


I realized that there was a huge demand from people who want to learn how to sell more (and more profitably) using Google Ads. Such a course didn't really exist back then, at least not specifically for E-Com.


A lot has happened since: the course has been fully updated 3 times (the current version has been launched in January 2019).


It includes 11 hours (or 50 video lessons) of hands-on, no-fluff, actionable content. And yes, it includes the exact methods and tactics to help my clients make over $5 million dollars in sales.

  • Find The Perfect Items to Sell

    I show you how product research really works with Google Ads. You will be able to go out there and constantly add new, high-converting products to your store.

  • Getting Past $1,000/Day

    It's almost a magical mark. $1,000/Day. I'll provide you with multiple tips and strategies on how to really scale your ad campaigns to enter the 6- or 7-figure club.

  • Connect With Converting Buyers

    You want paying customers, not dwellers leaving your site empty-handed. You will learn how to attract those gems cheaply, predictably and... at scale!

  • Consistent, DAILY Sales

    We don't want our sales graph to look drunk. We want that smooth, daily sales that enables us to predict future profits. That's what the whole training is about to teach you :-)

Love how simple and straightforward you keep things, Marco! Your Google Ads Training paid 10X for itself already at least.

Connor McGowan



Take a look at the inside of The eCom PPC Academy and find out whether it's for you!


Convert Traffic in Your Store Like Clockwork

51 video trainings, 743 minutes of sales-oriented content, bi-weekly group calls.

Google Shopping Mastery

Sales Like Never Before...

Learn how to master Google Shopping - create the perfect feed, test the right products and SCALE them up.

The Search Framework

Give People What They Want

Learn how to use advanced Search Ads, create super-exciting ads and research keywords that drive significant sales.

Google Product Research

Find Your Winners

Everyone needs good products. Learn multiple techniques of finding them.

Scaling Hacks

Want More? Make More.

Scaling is tough. Learn how to scale while keeping profits high - whether it's $100, $500 or +$1000/day.

The Display Alchemy

Get Found Everywhere

There are millions of people you could sell to on the Google Display Network. Learn to find the right audiences and how to get creative.

YouTube Attack

Videos That Sell

How does $0.01 for 5 qualified, 30 second video views sound? Get interested buyers at scale with great videos.

Optimization Bootcamp

Squeeze It Out...

Whether you need more conversions, clicks or impressions: learn how to get there in an in-depth optimization section.

Client Campaign Demo

Real-Life Examples!

Look me over the shoulder when I built campaigns for real clients and copy how I optimized and scaled them for YOUR business.

What Else Do We Cover?

  • Win WIth Smart Shopping Campaigns
  • Feed Optimization
  • Merchant Center Setup
  • Full Remarketing
  • Negative Keywords
  • Ad Optimization
  • Ad Extensions
  • Landing Page Optimization
  • Keyword Research
  • Beating Competitors
  • The Right Bidding Strategies
  • MUCH more...

11 Hours

Video Lessons


Templates + Files


Happy Students


Support Group

Meet Your Coach!

Marco Rodriguez

6-Figure E-Com Entrepreneur & Google Ads Consultant

Here's a brief overview on my past accomplishments:

  • Generated multiple 6-figures in E-Commerce sales

  • Over $5.4 million dollars in clients' sales through Google Ads

  • +150 individual E-Commerce consulting calls

Join Over 268+ Students Making Profitable E-Com Sales With Google Ads

Learn the tactics, hacks and strategies I use to generate over $5.2 million dollars in sales for my clients.

$497 $397

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Some more testimonials...

Jake Alexander

CEO of Casual E-Commerce

Marco is a true expert who knows exactly what he's talking about. Highly recommend to learn from him!

Zac Hansen

Messenger Marketing & E-Com Expert

When it comes to E-Commerce Performance Marketing, Marco is an expert, getting amazing results for his clients.

Frequently asked questions

Do I need prior Google Ads experience?

Are Google Ads more expensive than Facebook Ads?

What budget do I need?

Are there any additional costs?

Do you show me how to find good products to sell?

Is this course up to date?

Do I get access to you personally?

What about money back guarantee?

I offer a 14 days 100% money back guarantee. No questions asked. Send me an email and we process your inquiry.

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